Meet The Creators

Meet The Creators

Hi! We are Karina and Debora.

We’re sisters who were born in the early 1960s, just two years apart, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When we were kids, we could make a playground anywhere—out of anything. We’d throw blankets over the dining room table, and create our own private world. We could still hear our parents’ footsteps and the activity of the house around us, but under the table, we made magic out of the mundane. We’d play school, or travel agents, or hairdressers.

-Remember, Debi?
I’d turn a bucket over on your head as
if it were an old-fashioned hair dryer.
-Yes, Kari, I remember!
And whenever it was your turn to wear the bucket, you suddenly got too tired to play!

We each found our own creative outlets as adults—Karina as a musician, singer, and community leader, and Debora as a psychoanalyst and visual artist. Over the years, our lives took us far away from each other: Debora stayed in Argentina while Karina moved to the U.S, and then to Costa Rica. Despite the physical distance, we stayed close. We always found ways to be creative together—to keep playing—despite the distance. When the pandemic spread across the world, we talked a lot about the need for healing. Like so many other people, we were feeling isolated, uncertain and on the brink of despair.

I wrote a song—a song for grownups—about healing. And I asked you, Debi, if you wanted to illustrate it.
Yes, and I started to draw, freehand, open-ended, no eraser, just flowing. One character popped out, and then another. 
And then there were 200 characters—all shapes, colors, and sizes, young and old 
and in-between.
And we made it into a music video— ”Painting Our World with Healing Hope.”

That collaboration got us thinking about how we could help other people stay close, even when they were far away, like grandparents who weren’t able to see their grandchildren in person. And families living together, but still felt far apart, always on edge and stressed out. Or communities who were looking desperately to share meaningful experiences to strengthen their ties. We were all missing in-person gatherings, conversations and hugs. How could we support people in finding their way back into the loving embrace of each other’s arms? How could we help people find a sense of hope again? When we play together and tap into each other’s creative energy and imagination, we discover our best selves. That’s when we find exuberant joy and deep calm, laughter and tears, hope and healing. We are able to engage in deep conversations. That’s when we feel most alive, and that “aliveness” is like a magical superpower against despair.

That’s why we created “LIVE UP!” It’s a place to create, connect, and imagine. Live Up! is like a wish and a blessing from us to you. “L’Chaim!” is a Jewish blessing we say when we make a toast with wine or grape juice. “L’ Chaim!” means “to life!”

Live up to you!
Live up to us!
Live up to love!
Live up to hope!
Live up to life!


Karina Zilberman, is an inspirational leader, group facilitator, a singer-songwriter, performer, educator, and mentor who fiercely leads with authenticity, integrity and heart. Her mission is to inspire creative leadership by facilitating personal growth within a professional practice. Karina believes in the creative power of the “unexpected” and she demonstrates and shares her approach to community building in immersive interactive experiences and workshops. Karina’s teachings are passionately demonstrated through music, play, creative movement, and collective imagination.

The wisdom of her work comes from decades of experience ranging from musical teachings, song performances and working with puppets for personal, leadership development, and more. As a thought leader, and innovator, she has conducted and facilitated many presentations and workshops and designed Summits worldwide for academic institutes, non-profit organizations and for faith-based audiences. She is currently co-leading fascinating mindfulness retreats in Costa Rica that allow for introspection and essential self-discovery. Karina is the recipient of the national 2012 Covenant Foundation award for excellence in Jewish education. Karina is the mother of two adult sons and a grandmother. She currently lives with her husband Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein in Costa Rica.

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As a Buenos Aires-based artist, culture and community are at the cornerstone of Debora Zilberman's work. Since taking up painting in her childhood, Zilberman has grown from an artist who once shied away from displaying her work to one who is now featured in three countries. The daughter of an architect, Debora Zilberman grew up in a process-driven environment and was encouraged to never erase her "mistakes' ' but rather to build on them. This influence has translated into Debora's art, and choice of media she works in, as pencils, pastels and acrylic paints lend themselves to this approach. Debora blended her artistic skills with her 30 years of psychology.

Debora Zilberman is an artist and Bachelor of Psychology with over 30 years of experience. Debora graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. She performs her private practice in an adult clinic, and coordinates the Therapy team group in the Health Center Number 1 in Argentina. Since 2005 Debora has made painting and drawing exhibitions in Buenos Aires, and in New York. Currently, through illustration, Debora participates in various projects that make it possible to continue expressing herself, and, at the same time, work with other professionals in different areas of social and playful content. Debora is the mother of three adult children and lives with her husband Martin Hoffman in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Learn techniques to employ the LIVE UP! Playing Cards to engage people of all ages in creativity, communication, and reflection.

This workshop is ideal for educators, group facilitators, and therapists working one-on-one or with groups in parenting centers, early childhood centers, and family counseling settings.

The LIVE UP! Playing cards are designed to spark conversation, catalyze self-reflection, and facilitate honest, collaborative creativity, all with playfulness and love.

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