Live Up! Playing Cards deck

The Live Up! Playing Cards deck offers a wonderful potential to create meaningful conversations in groups through play. Using the power of words, and handmade evocative illustrations, people of all ages tend to open up to more sincere, and spontaneous dialogue and interactions. These cards can also be used in brainstorming sessions to generate change and creative ideas in organizations.

Each deck includes 40 cards illustrated by Debora Zilberman in a designed packaging Directions for how to use with suggestions of Dos and Dont’s Workshops and gatherings to expand imagination and creativity by Karina Zilberman.

The Live Up PLaying Cards are printed on high-quality coated paper, making sure that the illustrations are like the original ones!
These cards were designed during the height of the pandemic and the prologued uncertainty that we are all navigating at this time.

The price includes standard shipping in the US!